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[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Early summer - Paussinappula Foundation
Still the wind is cold
Keywords: summer; tramstop; woods
Downloads: 19
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - WMG blocker and decrypter - Paussinappula Foundation
***Warning this is fake, I made this as an joke for some friends*** I have developed a software that allows youtube users to upload copyrighted tv series and music videos that otherwise will be muted by youtube. Don't ask for the software in the comments, and don't bee a **** on the comment section. You know you only waste time if you complain and tell me things I already know. Anyway, this software codes all your video files and TV series...
Keywords: video; WMG blocker; decrypter; encoded; software; developed; series; music; videos; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 11
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - What, a video after the 15th - Paussinappula Foundation
This is just unexpected!!! Watch to find out. From the "fake" archives.
Keywords: ree-to-reel; old movie; fake; message; lol; gardener productions; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 4
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Quick Update 5 [sub] - Paussinappula Foundation
This is just another quick update. 2 topics. New computer and subtitles.
Keywords: new computer; update; subtitles; borås; groupstudy room; silent studyhall; Paussinappula foundation
Downloads: 16
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary -Trip to Gräfsnäs - Paussinappula Foundation
This is another trip video, this time to Gräfsnäs. But first some video of my secondhand store
Keywords: secondhand; tram; gräfsnäs; göteborg; song; driving; container; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 8
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary -Computer fun part 1 - Paussinappula Foundation
This is my Compaq LTR 5000 laptop from the mid 90's :D This is my first look, and yes it's not my first bootup either. I tell here my plans for it.
Keywords: computer; Compaq; LTR 5000; laptop; windows; 95+; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 17
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - It's raining!!! - Paussinappula Foundation
Finally we got some rain. I woke up by the sound. Sorry again for whispering, I didn't want to wake up my mother.
Keywords: rain; dark; night; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 32
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Tramtrip in Biskopsården [sub] - Paussinappula Foundation
Sorry for the 4:3 picture. I got wrong settings on my mac. This video was recorded 29 of March 2009. I was heading for home and took bus nr 25 and then the tram from Länsmansgården.
Keywords: bus; tram; biskopsgården; länsmansgården; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 11
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Junk Monitor [sub] - Paussinappula Foundation
Someone have thrown this old CTR display in the woods. Only 50 meters from my house. (about 54,6 yards) Just found this when I did my ruins video.
Keywords: CTR monitor; screen; display; woods; junk; rust; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 13
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Lauantai (Saturday) [sub] - Paussinappula Foundation
Lauantai is finnish and stands for Saturday. SORRY FOR THE ULTRA MEGA SHAKY VIDEO. Yes, once again my trip to my secondhandstore. Riding trams and the trambridge over "Göta Kanal" Note. This video was made a week ago... 7 of March 2009
Keywords: tram; saturday; trip; jam; svenska; mässan; svenska Mässan; sirio; yard; Sweden; Göteborg; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 24
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary- New Year 2008-2009 Part 1-3 - Freedom Project
Note! SRT files is included for file 1 and 3. File 2 doesn't need one. Uuden vuoden video 2008-2009. viimeenkin, tässä se on! 3 osanen tällä kertaa. 1. Osa 1. Ilta ennen uutta vuotta. Valitus 1, ja vähäsen muuta. 2. Osa 2. Uuden vuoden raketit. Tässä videossa ei ole muuta kun raketteja ikkunan kautta. Mun kamera ei terävöittäny kaikkea hyvin. 3. Osa 3. Loppu! (vähän niinku jälkitapahtuma) Roskasta, itse tykkäsin että tämä osa oli paras...
Keywords: aurinko; freedom project; ilotulitus; lapsia; pakkasta; pimeetä; uusi vuos; vaarallista; valituksia;
Downloads: 34
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - unbox: NHL 2008 for XBOX 360 - Paussinappula Foundation
I made this video long time ago, but here is the unboxing for it.
Keywords: nhl; 2008; xbox; unboxing; 360
Downloads: 10
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Neighbour Wars Episode 1 - Paussinappula Foundation
Toilet is the best way to make war!!! Water and pipes is awesome! :D This is my first attempt to catch the ongoing newer ending war between our neighbours. I hope this is not the only episode this summer.
Keywords: war; neighbours; toilet; pipe; water; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 31
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Unboxing DVD's, record and a shirt - Paussinappula Foundation
A package from CDON.COM :D Great Stuff! :D
Keywords: unboxing; package; stuff; dvd; t-shirt; bluray; record; sabaton; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 3
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - The old Water Tower Part 1 & 2 - Paussinappula Foundation
Part 1: This is the first part of my mission, to find the water tower in borås. Part 2: This is the second part of my mission, to find the water tower in borås. At the end Microsoft Sam is giving us a short information of the tower.
Keywords: street; borås; old water tower; walking; searching; microsoft sam; microsoft; water tower; tower; 1900; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 30
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Snow Adventure [sub] - Paussinappula Foundation
This video was recorded on 24 of March 2009, so it's old :D Anyway, this is the snowy day we got that day.
Keywords: snow; tram; error; snowfall; wind; college; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 8
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Unbox - Microwave oven + update - Paussinappula Foundation
First time unboxing kitchen stuff :D Enjoy my "heating pizza" video :D and after that a short update of my bedroom.
Keywords: microwave; stove; food; kitchen; update; unbox; bed; bedroom; reel-to-reel; setting up; heating; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 19
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - My trip to Herrljunga part 1, 2 and 3 - Paussinappula Foundation
Part 1: This is my trip to Herrljunga. Starting from Borås. Then mostly filming at the station in Herrljunga. Part 2: This is completely from train window. The train makes a short halt at Vårgårda and Alingsås station. Part 3: This is the end of my trip. I made the ending at home because the train got some ticket controllers so didn't want to film when people got caught.
Keywords: Borås; train; Herrljunga; station; green; Herrljunga station; Vårgårda; Alingsås; scenery; babbling; flower
Downloads: 22
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Good bye 2010 - Paussinappula Foundation
Starts whith fireworks and ends with me going to see the trails of last nights fireworks... This is also a test to upload longer than 15 minutes to youtube.
Keywords: fireworks; night; 2011; balcony; göteborg; walk; snow; view; buildings; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 6
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - My last? Video part 1 and 2 [sub] - Paussinappula Foundation
Video 1 This is my last? video for the trainseries... But I don't think so. Sorry for the bad quality. I got big encoding problems. This is only Part 1. Part 2 is next. Video 2. Ok, this is not the last of the train series, but anyway. This is the almost last before we come in to Göteborg. Bistro information and station announcement. After this follows a bonus video. The train tunnel.
Keywords: train; speed; jurney; traincar; late; bollebygd; passing by; tunnels; dark; bistro; station; announcement; fields; church; lake; ice; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 45
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary -This is a stupid test - Paussinappula Foundation
I haven't anything to do right now. So this is the result by doing nothing. Stupid test. Webcam with speeded up recordings.
Keywords: webcam; speed; pencil; draw; write; stupid test; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 35
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - 3 different days 3 different videos - Paussinappula Foundation
This is a collection of my shorter videos... I have collected them in one single video file. Enjoy! And last, some c64 music
Keywords: train; borås; göteborg; bus; station; ambulance; food; chemincals; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 11
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Busy Morning at Railwaystation - Paussinappula Foundation
This morning I got my cam with me again and filmed some interesting stuff on the morning. We got the sandwich store Subway aswell. It is right first in this video.
Keywords: subway; train; x2000; intercity; göteborg; railwaystation; railway station; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 44
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - unboxing: Verbatim Floppy disks - Paussinappula Foundation
This video is only about unboxing and placing a lable on flolly disks
Keywords: unbox; unboxing; floppy disks; deskette; verbatim; label; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 11
[movies]Random Forum Vimeo Show - At the tramstop - RandomForum Vimeo
This is something I discovered at my tramstop. Don't know if it is only my imagination or if they really spy on people :D:D
Keywords: spy; tramstop; electronic display; cycklist
Downloads: 10
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Even more at Borås Station [sub] - Paussinappula Foundation
This is my second video in my Borås trainstation series. An abandon place and empty train and late cargo train, watch and enjoy!
Keywords: cargo; borås station; central; train; empty; turntable; trainpark; abandon; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 52
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Noise in the woods - Paussinappula Foundation
I was trying to record stuff, but was interupted with a guy driving 4-wheeler or a fixed moped... I try to find out who he was and where.
Keywords: woods; noise; cliffs; tree; pipe; corridor; dream; story; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 11
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Cleaning day at Borås Station - Paussinappula Foundation
This was the day when the sand was removed.
Keywords: borås; station; cleaning; sand; machine; Sweden; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 7
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Sound of a traffic accident - Paussinappula Foundation
I was walking on a saturday to visit my work, and I heard this. This is a part of a bigger video on vimeo! (search for Random forum)
Keywords: sound; accident; water; snow; Göteborg; Sweden; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 32
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Traintrip home from college [sub] - Paussinappula Foundation
This is a traintrip home from my school today. Borås - Göteborg.
Keywords: Train; tåg; SJ; Borås; station; Göteborg; central; snow; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 32
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Knalleland [sub] - Paussinappula Foundation
This is my trip to knalleland. The snow you see in that video has all melted now. :(
Keywords: snow; knalleland; game; commodore 64; music; borås; göteborg; train; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 31
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Some old memories [sub] - Paussinappula Foundation
This video was recorded on 27th of January 2009. But was now edited. Sorry for the delay.
Keywords: snow; house; forest; memories; path; school
Downloads: 31
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - A Trip to Trollhättan Part 1,2 and 3 [Sub] - Paussinappula Foundation
Part 1: This is my trip to Trollhättan which I made in the end of March 2009. In this first clip I am at the station and the train ride which took about 50 minutes. Then begins the busride with my sister. Part 2: The jurney continues. This time we go shopping, me and my sister. Part 3: This concludes my trip. Thanks for watching.
Keywords: Sweden; Trollhättan; Göteborg; bus ride; bus; rail; abandon; track; woods; tree store; food; foodstore; walk; railway station; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 44
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - First, Second and Third Easter meeting at Finnish Pentecostal church of Göteborg - Paussinappula Foundation
Description for Part 1, 2 and 3: I made a video of our easter meeting. Hope you enjoy, if not please don't bother to comment.
Keywords: Finnish Pentecostal church; göteborg; sweden; song; microsoft sam; pastor; preach; preacher; Swedish preach; Guesting preacher; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 41
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - cat and the Wii [sub] - Paussinappula Foundation
This was recorded last christmast 2008. I am testing a new way to record off DV cam... hm, the picture got some errors but it will work for me. Anyway, this is my sisters cat "Pocahontas" and my wii at the old appartment. Where I lived earlier.
Keywords: wii; cat; pocahontas; memory; game; mii; sister; testing; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 31
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Unbox: Canon IXUS 100 IS - Paussinappula Foundation
This is my kind of failed unboxing :D
Keywords: Unbox; Canon; IXUS 100 IS; digital camera; camera; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 10
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Random stuff 1 [sub] - Paussinappula Foundation
This is my random stuff, I got too bored tonight. Enjoy. by the way, Comhem is our digital cabel tv provider.
Keywords: comhem; random; video; stuff; junk; milk; cd; clock; random video; subtitles; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 12
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Broken Mouse [sub] - Paussinappula Foundation
I was surfing on cassettemasters videos and when I scroll the wheel felt strange and it stops working :S Oh whell, this mouse got it's retirement pension. :D :D
Keywords: mouse; wheel; broken; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 28
[movies]Random Forum Vimeo Show - Winter in borås part 1 - RandomForum Vimeo
I had some stuff I needed to fix at Borås, and if I remember it right, coolbluelights requested that I would film this trip, so this is the first part of the trip
Keywords: train; snow; sweden; göteborg; borås; elevator; tram; bus; station; window
Downloads: 42
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - My Typewriter - Paussinappula Foundation
I got this for $5 (40 kr) at my secondhadstore last saturday (May 3, 2009) This is really awesome machine even if it is non audio stuff :D watch and enjoy!
Keywords: typewriter; presentation; Brother Deluxe 220; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 156
[movies]Random Forum Vimeo Show - Cold morning - RandomForum Vimeo
Yes, another walk video to my work... and it was cold back then :D watch and enjoy!
Keywords: dark; snow; cold; bag; vlog
Downloads: 41
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Unboxing bluray writer [sub[ - Paussinappula Foundation
Sorry if this video is a mess, I was pretty sick when I did this. This is an unboxing video of my Bluray unit. Plextor PX-B920SA Feel free to comment if you want Note that this video got perm subs, I had great problems with youtube CC so I will do as this is the future, screw CC (Closed captions)
Keywords: bluray; subs; unboxing; paussinappula foundation
Downloads: 26
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Drop the CD player on tape - Paussinappula Foundation
The video explains it all :D :P This tape was presented by Microsoft SAM
Keywords: tape; music; funny; sam; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 24
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary -My trip to Alingsås 1 , 2, 3 and 4 [sub] - Paussinappula Foundation
Part 1: My journey starts by watching Herrljunga train pass by. and the bus ride to Alingsås. Part 2: I continue my trip in AlingsÃ¥s, mostly from the station. Part 3: This part is entairly from the train window... I did try to catch only the highlights. Part 4: This concludes my series. Thanks for watching.
Keywords: tram; göteborg; station; postbox; announcement; alingsås; tunnel; field; lake; station; trip; journey; clock; bus; ride; borås; library; books; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 34
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - The rest of the box [sub] - Paussinappula Foundation
I decided to record the rest of the box, and here it is.
Keywords: kingston; verbatim; memory; 2gb; bd-r; bluray; stick; hdmi; dvi; cable; stuff; paussinappula foundation
Downloads: 11
[movies]Random Forum Vimeo Show - Vlog: Transcribing tapes - RandomForum Vimeo
In this video I show my life project. Transcribing my own tapes or audio into books and papers. Watch and enjoy!
Keywords: book; blurb; transcribing; paper; text; vlog
Downloads: 9
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Testing my new Laserdisc player - Paussinappula Foundation
I got my laserdisc player today! With 13 movies, sorry I forgot to show the rest :D But it doesn't matter, I will make a full movie collection video of LD discs some time in the far future :D It works, and that's the main thing.
Keywords: laserdisc; ntsc; cd; music; movie; installing; setting up; testing; player
Downloads: 29
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Quick Update Episode 04 - Freedom Project
This video includes the sub file. Quick update 04 Pikanen update vaan. Melkeen vaan siksi että ette ihmettele minne olen katonu. Tässä jaksossa pikasesti mainittiin: Wii Peli Rubrik's Puzzle World Laitteita: Nintendo Wii Digi Video kamera: Samsung VP-D381 (pal)
Keywords: TV; update; videokamera; wii; wii peli
Downloads: 81
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Unboxing my Samsung DVD-HR773 - Paussinappula Foundation
This is my samsung DVD recorder with 160 gb HDD. This is a neat little machine. Works perfectly.
Keywords: samsung; DVD-HR773; 160 gb hdd; unboxing; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 73
[movies]Random forum Blogs: Daily Update 001 - RandomForum Vimeo
Update for February 14, 2012. In this video I give out the update while I was walking home in the night. Topics: My job, NES console, Daily Update talk,
Keywords: walk; update; snow; slippery; talk; rabit; driver
Downloads: 6
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